Services in CAIS

CAIS Onesearch
CAIS OneSearch provides a single, unified search box for searching CAIS’s information resources, including scholarly e-journal articles, books, e-books, internet documents and UNIMAS Institutional Repository. Features of the service include:
  • Single, simple entry point for searching many databases at once, including the Centre’s catalogue,
  • Pre-indexing of a vast quantity of metadata ensures immediate search results
  • Detailed metadata (e.g., author-supplied abstracts, keywords, subjects)
  • Indexing for thousands of journals from publishers such as Sage, Elsevier, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, and Cambridge
  • Complete library catalogue loaded directly , with real-time availability checks and daily updates
  • Ability to limit searches by date, source type, subject, content provider, full text availability, scholarly designation and more
  • Powerful, user-friendly interface
Printing & Photocopying

Printing and Photocopying Services is located at Level G next to the Media Services.

Media Services

The Media Services located at Level G houses materials such as audio and videocassettes, compact discs, DVDs, multimedia CD-ROMS, slides, microfiches and kits.

Information literacy
CAIS provides Information Literacy Program which is divided into five (5) modules as follows:

1 Introduction to CAIS
This module is designed for the new students and staff. It provides information on library facilities, services, opening hours and the rules and regulations as well as creating awareness of services and facilities.
Duration of training: 1 hour

2 CAIS One Search
This module is designed to help users understands the CAIS OneSearch as a tool for searching the collection. Users will be taught on how to perform simple as well as advance search. This module is offered to new students and academic staff.
Duration of training: 1 hour

3 Finding Information for Academic Writing
This module provides the basic steps in conducting research. Users will be guided on identifying information searches using electronic resources effectively. This module is offered to undergraduates and postgraduate, research assistant as well as academic staff.
Duration of training: 1 1/2 hours - 2 hours

4 Finding Information on the Web
This module helps guide students in identifying websites that can be used for academic writing. They will also be taught on how to evaluate information contained within websites using the five evaluation criteria. This module is offered to undergraduates.
Duration of training: 2 hours

5 Citing References & Plagiarism
This module guide students on how to cite references in their academic writing and understand the concept of acknowledging others people’s ideas/findings. This module is offered to undergraduate, postgraduate and academic staff.
Briefing on plagiarism meant to helps students to understand what is perceived as plagiarism and how to avoid plagiarism.
Duration of training: 2 hours

Users can request any of the modules or combines to be conducted at any time convenient to them. Request can be submitted to the liaison librarian or directly to Reference Librarian Norazlina Abd Rahman through email at arnorazlina@cais,unimas.my or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Class Schedule
Monday - Thursday,
10.00am - 12.00pm
02.30pm - 4.30pm
Friday Based on requests
Public Holiday Closed
Research Support Services

This platform is specifically designed to help researchers and scholars to request for information related to their research. The forum will provide access to an extensive range of information resources which supplement the current electronic resources subscribed by CAIS.

If you have already tried the electronic resources in CAIS but have so far been unsuccessful, this service can assist you in searching for relevant information.



Our strategic objective is to highlight the importance of research to the future continued success of the university.


To support the continued growth in our research capacity and to maximize the impact of that research through knowledge transfer and related activities.


To optimise the usage of electronic resources subscribed by CAIS.


RSS Forum allows you to post the keywords related to your research subject. The moderator will generate as much of the information/articles based on comprehensive databases search capabilities and from a wide range of highly specialized information resources available in CAIS.

If you would like a search to be done on your behalf, please submit your keywords to this forum.


Step 1 : Visit CAIS Homepage www.cais.unimas.my

Step 2: Click on RSS FORUM

Step 3: Start to post your KEYWORD/S


RSS Forum is performed by the librarian of Research Support and Outreach Unit on behalf of UNIMAS researchers and scholars.


Please contact us if you have any queries about the RSS FORUM to:

Wan Abdul Rahman Bin Wan Bujang (Librarian) email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ext: 3912

Nurul Syafinaz Abdullah (Library Assistant) email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ext:3916.


Books available for loans are shelved at Level 1 (Social sciences and humanities, Library Congress call no. range A-P) and Level 2 (Sciences abd Technologiy, call no. range Q-Z). They are arranged on the shelves according to the library of Congress (LC) Clasiffication System

Loan Eligibility

• One must be a registered member.

• Borrow according to privileges.

• Should not borrow material for another user.

• Not allowed to borrow if user has overdue fine or book.

• Users are responsible to ensure that all borrowed materials have been properly recorded, this can be checked via Anjung Unimas/CAIS Notification or through My Account in CAIS Website

• Fine will be imposed if material is;

o Overdue

o Vandalised

• Misplaced materials (users will be given 2 weeks to search or replace with same title and edition or latest edition).

Fines for Overdue / Lost Books

• Ten (10) days before a book is due, a courtesy reminder will be emailed to the borrower.

•Overdue reminders will be sent through email after the books is one (1), two (2) and three (3) days overdue.

• One (1) week after the overdue date of a book, a fourth reminder will be sent.

If there is no response from the borrower two (2) weeks after the fifth reminder, the book is considered lost. The borrower is required to replace the book with a similar title or pay twice the original price of the book.

• No refund will be made once payment has been effected..

Terms of Use for Online Databases Use of the online databases provided by Unimas is governed by license agreements and is in accordance with the Copyright Act 1987 (Amendment 2002).

References & Information Services

Reference and Information Services Unit located at Level 1 assists users in using CAIS's services and facilities. Should there be any references questions or references interviews, users are welcome to approach any of the staff. This can be conducted during office hours as stated below: Monday - Thursday: 10.00 am - 12.00 noon 2.30 pm - 4.30 pm Friday : Upon request Public Holiday : Closed

Unimas Records & Citations in Scopus

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources. It is designed to find the information scientists and researchers need. The database is updated daily. CAIS initiates in the reporting of the number of UNIMAS records cited in Scopus. This will be done annually.

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery Services

Inter Library Loan (ILL) is the first point of call if the material needed is not available in CAIS collection. It is a cooperative service among libraries in Malaysia. Inter Library Loan includes acquiring of journal articles and loaning of books, etc. Requests are sent via online form or e-mail. The delivery of the materials requested depends on their availability. Document Delivery Service (DDS), on the other hand, helps users obtain any information or materials that are URGENTLY needed and are not available in CAIS collection.

Online Databases

These agreements require Unimas to give access only to authorized users (CAIS patrons - Internal and external members of CAIS). Certain obligations are placed on users on the use of these resources and among these are the followings:

1. To search, view, retrieve and display licensed data

2. To save or print limited amounts or parts of the data for personal research use

3. Uses allowed under copyright (may be further restricted by license terms)

4. To use the information contained in these products for personal, noncommercial purposes only

5. To refrain from redistribution of data to unauthorized users, e.g. via e-mail, a web site, or a database

6. To refrain from republication of the resource or the data

7. To refrain from automated or excessive data crawling within resources

8. To refrain from automated or systematic downloading, mining, or harvesting of data

9. To refrain form removing or altering a copyright holder's information

As you use these resources, please keep the above obligations in mind. If you fail to adhere to them, you may lose your network privileges and face other disciplinary action. Severe breaches of the license terms can result in the entire university losing access to important online resources.

Unimas will not be held responsible for any infringements on the users part. Please refer to CAIS ICT Policy, code ICTcais001 on Acceptable Use of CAIS Electronic Resources.