1149 units of lockers are available to CAIS' users at a minimal fee of RM2.00 a month with a refundable deposit of RM50.00. To use this facility, please go to the Circulation Counter at Level G.

Free Ringing Zone

CAIS provides one (1) room for students and other users to use their mobile phones as well as charging their phones. The room are located at Level 1.

Carrel Rooms

Forty-one (41) units of carrel rooms are provided for users. Any registered user can request to use the room; however priority is given to graduates and academics as well as final year undergraduates. All users are bound by the following rules and regulations.

Usage of carrel rooms:

  • Reservation from outside CAIS is not allowed
  • Only registered members are eligible to use the facility
  • Only one user is allowed in one carrel room at any time
  • Personal belongings left in the room will be taken and recorded as the Lost an Found items and will be kept for 14 days. Announcement is also made through CAIS' websites and notices
  • Users who misplaced the keys will be charged RM50.00.

Student Lounge

This lounge is provided to all students to use at anytime. They are allowed to bring food and drinks into the room. However, cleanliness of the room must be maintained at all times.

Chill Out Rooms

CAIS provides two (2) Chill-out Rooms for students for them to take a rest in between their heavy schedules and private study. The rooms are furnished with easy chairs, large pillows and some light reading materials.

Electronic Security System.

An electronic security system is in operation to ensure that all materials are properly issued and to prevent any unauthorized removal from the Centre. Disciplinary actions will be taken against anyone who is found removing materials without proper authorization.

Video Conference Room/ Staff Training Room

Video Conference Room located next to the Auditorium can accommodate around 25 people and is also available for smaller group discussions/seminars/workshops.

Food Kiosk

There is a food Kiosk located outside the Lower Ground Floor of CAIS' building and it is operated by students from the Entrepreneurship Club.


The auditorium is equipped with various facilities such as the PA system, an LCD projector and also WI-FI. The auditorium has a capacity for 150 people. The auditorium is the venue of choice for seminars, conferences and other activities such as training classes and workshops.

Discussion Rooms

There are Six(6) units available within CAIS, with each enable to accommodate around 20 people, and are available for user to conduct forums and groups discussions. These rooms are available at Level 1 near the reference Counter and Level 2

24-Hour learning Facility

The 24-hour Learning Facility is available for patrons who wish to use the facility during or after the Centre’s opening hours. It is accessible from the terrace outside, next to the Main Entrance.

Social Hub

The Auditorium's Lobby has been designated as the Centre's Social Hub to allow patrons to interact academically as well as socially in a conducive learning enviroment.

Exhibition Area

A big exhibition area is available at Level G to cater for multi-purpose activities. This area is adjacent to the Auditorium near the main entrance.

Muslim Prayer Rooms

The Muslim Prayer Rooms are located at level 2. The rooms are opened during CAIS' Opening Hour

Executive Knowledge Cafe

This room is reserved for the management and professional as well as academic staff including the Senior Management. Besides having a PC with internet access, reference books mainly on Library Information Science also provided. It is located at Level 3.

Computer Laboratories

The computer laboratories are available at Level G and Level 1. CAIS provides about 170 PCs and access to the Internet is also available to all users. As WI-FI facility is available throughout CAIS' building, users are encouraged to bring their own laptops, smartphone etc..

Patron Self-check Machine

Patron Self Check Machine is a facility provided to enable patrons to check-out materials without having to queue up at the Customer Services/Circulation Counter. Two (2) units of Patron Self-Check Machines are available at the Ground Floor at CAIS Main and One (1) more unit is available at CAIS-Pre University Studies.